Clinique Acupuncture Cai

Keeping your body healthy and not just seeing a doctor or seeking help when you are not well is perhaps the main reason why acupuncture and Chinese medicine are rapidly becoming mainstream and are recognized as a viable alternative and/or partner to Western medicine.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs work together to gently and naturally bring your body and mind back to a healthy balance by correcting your body's Yin and Yang or "imbalance".

Even in normal circumstances, the balance of your body's Yin and Yang is in constant change. But, for example when you're angry, your energy is considered "hot" which means that you have an increase in Yang energy. Once you cool down, or you are no longer angry, you have what is considered a "cooler" energy or a Yin state. This shift in the balance of Yin and Yang is normal. It's only when this balance is consistently changing, meaning the Yin or Yang are in a state of imbalance, that illness and disease result.